Hello world!

Hi Gang! So I’ve finally started a blog. Everyone’s been badgering me to publish my research as I go – so here’s my first post!

For those who don’t know me I’m a badger (single) currently a visiting research fellow at University College London, in the behavioural psychology department. My specialist area of research is into behavioural control and conflict resolution.

With increasing reports of unrest in the Badger community, I will be conducting a series of interviews to scientifically investigate the state of mind of the modern badger, to see what environmental and social pressures they are faced with, and also to investigate the radicalisation of cubs in to the terrorist movement of the Badgerhadeen.

In the interests of full disclosure, though I was born and raised a badger, I have grown up in regular contact with humans and will at all times maintain complete independence in all my investigations. While I empathise with many of the sentiments of dis-satisfaction felt by many in the badger community, I do not believe Badgergeddon and the ultimate annihilation of all humans is necessary.